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Wendy Steenson



Wendy has been in the fitness industry for over 35 years and has run several businesses over that time which are still ongoing. Over many of those years Wendy has attended to the fitness needs of her cancer clients as well as she could given the knowledge she possessed at the time.

However, when Wendy saw the opportunity of improving her knowledge as to the manner in which she might best serve the needs of her cancer-diagnosed clients in the form of her obtaining appropriate further qualifications, she elected to do so through the Cancer Exercise Training Institute.

This institute operates on the acceptance of the proven scientific fact that recognizes that exercise training can greatly help a cancer-diagnosed individual whether that be before treatment commences, whilst treatment is occurring, after treatment has ceased or in all of such cases. Accordingly, Wendy duly went ahead and obtained her Specialist Accreditation through that institute.

The Gold Coast therefore now has a specialist business for helping cancer patients firstly by way of preconditioning them before treatment, secondly by way of helping them reduce side-effects whilst they undergo their treatment and, thirdly to assist with their recovery post-treatment.

As a result of her assisting her cancer clients in this manner Wendy says that many of them may in fact eventually feel far fitter and more energized than they did even before they were diagnosed. At all times during a particular client’s cancer exercise program Wendy will co-ordinate with the stated requirements of the client’s treating specialist so as to keep the client as safe as possible

Wendy’s overall qualifications are quite extensive. She is not only a Cancer Exercise Specialist but is also as a Functional Ageing Specialist, a Movement Training (IOM Level 1 & 2), PH360 Health & Fitness Coach, a Pilates, Yoga and Aqua coach.

Because of these qualifications Wendy believes that she will be able to cover virtually every possible aspect of exercise training for cancer patients. She also firmly believes that she will be able to assist those clients in navigating an extremely stressful time in their lives in the real hope that each one of them will get to be a cancer survivor.